Having a date with me is like meeting your friend, your partner or getting close to the guy you already wanted to date for so long... and the nice thing is..

You're in control...

You want sex? You'll get it...
You only want to talk? Nobody will be disappointed..
You want to go shopping with somebody who doesn't fall asleep.. who gives decent advice...

I'm the perfect date because whatever it is that you want, it's within reach.. You can set your goals and just relax.. Me, as your personal friend, will make sure that all your wishes become reality..

I won't get drunk, I won't get bored, I won't get jealous...

I love to meet people with different lifestyles and to share passionate moments with them. I'm eager to discover what lies beyond the surface of their outer appearance and in an atmosphere of 'no strings attached' it becomes much easier to find out how I can please you.
I'm your partner in crime. You can tell or ask me anything without me judging you or saying no. I offer discrete companionship and whatever you share with me will stay between us. Your private life and your identity are ALWAYS respected.

I provide you with a relationship without any problems. I will never bother you. I will never cause the typical relationship worries. We enjoy the time we spend together and we both continue our path, keeping only the memory of a wonderful date.

I'm an escort and I only do outcalls all over Belgium, meaning that I will meet you at your place, in a bar, a restaurant or in your hotel room. For people wanting to meet in a love hotel, I provided some addresses in Brussels and Antwerp on the 'where to meet' page. After a first date I can also receive you at my place in Antwerp.

As I do have some other responsibilities in life to take care of, I prefer you to contact me as much in advance as possible with a minimum of 2 hours since I will need the time to get to your location. I live in the Antwerp area, so please think about that before booking.. After a first meeting, next appointments can always be made in a shorter period of time.. The better we know each other, the easier that will be..

I charge my services by the hour... with two different rates: when intimate contact is included and when it's not included... Whatever else we do doesn't matter...

During sex play I'm very open and my main goal is to provide you with pleasure in any way YOU want.. but I do have some rules and restrictions.

All intimate contact is WITH condom.. Don't ask me otherwise. I do care for my health and so should you...
I don't mind to do some soft bondage, tying you gently but don't ask me to beat you, humiliate you
or pee or poop.. I'm your friend and you are my lover for the time we are together... You're neither my toilet nor my boxing bag.. sorry... I respect women too much to do things like that...

Things which are POSSIBLE during our romance are:

Things which are NOT POSSIBLE during our romance:

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