Gigolo Andy

Why would you want to meet me?

I am a man of two worlds...
I have the physics of an athlete and the spirit of an artist...
48 years of life experience gave me plenty of insight in spirituality, healing powers of the mind and the body and taught me the values of exchanging warmth and loving energy..

20 years of sports built me a body which endured the years...

I can be tough, I can be hard..
I can be sweet.. I can care..
I can break.. I can heal...
I can talk.. I can listen... I can see through things.. understand.. be passionate, compassionate and I have plenty to give...

I travelled the world for my job, saw different cultures, met plenty people to find out that we all need to be valued for what we are.. . It doesn't matter whether you're a high positioned business person, a fitness coach or a waitress..
We all have that special spark inside which loves to be ignited.. I can be your match and your perfect match for one evening... It's my job and my challenge to find that special beauty inside of you, whether you're a confident natural beauty or a little bit shy...

I have the ability of letting people be themselves.. to let them show their true inner self with all the desires that come with it..
For women with traumatic experiences towards men, I can bridge the gap to a more trustful attitude towards the other sex and more self confidence.

I took and I take good care of my body and I train almost every day..
I have a very good sense of humour and I will definitely make you smile... even in the bedroom....

I speak English, French, Dutch and German and I do speak the universal language of the body and when the body speaks.. words become obsolete.. Gigolo Andy

Age: 48
Height: 1.75 m
Weight: 70 kg

Body type: slim and athletic

Shoe size: 41

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