When you have a date with me, anything is possible as long as we both like it..

Meeting a complete stranger is not always that easy. We could get to know each other while doing some nice shopping where I will be your personal styling coach.. I have a very good eye for color and style and I will be a very interested audience. No need to get upset or to rush home because of your bored partner. I will love to see you try out some more outfits.. And who knows.. maybe we can get naughty in the fitting room...

When a guy just wants sex.. he goes to a prostitute. It's easy..

There is no red light district for women..
When she's dying for body contact, she can go to a bar to take someone home having the risk spending plenty of time and having a bad date.. same for guys btw.. That's why they go to prostitutes..

When you have been single for a long time, divorced or just craving for body heat.. just call me and you definitely are going to get what you need..

A Business meeting in Belgium and a hectic schedule but still longing for a short break?... Leave a key at the reception and I'll wait for you in your hotel room for a warm intermezzo in between business...

You're invited to an event and you really don't feel like going alone... I'll be your partner, talk with other people, be interesting.. and if you want it more sexy, I'll catch up with you in the toilets or I'll give you a quick squeeze in the bum in a quiet place..

You need to go on a trip to London or Paris, for a wedding, a business trip.. I'll be your companion during the whole trip... taking care of you, being at your side or waiting in the hotel room for you to come back.. We'll do shopping together and dine out..

Need to relax? Need to be touched?
A good massage will do miracles... I will come to the place of your choice with a set of oils and my magic hands.. Trained in healing massages I will first relax you completely, go to the spots which are painful or even sick, giving you the energy you need to recover.

The strongest of all healings is the tantric healing which uses sexual energy to make you feel better... I'm not talking about the cheap tantric massage they promote all over the net and where they promise you a great happy ending...(which is the opposite of tantra..) I'm talking about stimulating your sexual energy and truly being connected and using that strong connection to send healing energy to the other person...People interested in this kind of healing practices, just get in touch or we can talk about it during a first meeting... Not everybody is into those things but for those who are.. you'll be amazed...

People first wanting to see some pictures without a blurred face, just send me a mail or ask me by telephone...

If you still doubt whether or not there will be some attraction between us, let's have a small drink to feel the vibes.. I only charge very little for that.. and afterwards, I'll satisfy you in every way.. with my company... with an erotic massage, oral and intimate pleasure... for as long as you want...