In need of company?
Dying for a good talk?
Missing passion in your relationship?
A sensual hug?
An (erotic) massage?

Longing to make love for more than 10 minutes?

I don't like to call myself a gigolo...
It sounds so... sexual... so ordinary... I'm not just a cheap fuck who puts himself online to be paid to get laid...
I call myself your missing link.. Your perfect male companion

I met so many women, married or in a relationship for ages, getting no attention from their partners, dying to be listened to.. wanting to be wanted... longing to be loved... desperate to be desired...

In my company, you will feel the centre of the world. You will be desired, you will be the most important person of all... you will be listened to.. you will be entertained... you will be pampered... With me around you will enjoy intelligent conversations and experience the pleasure, desire and lust that you've been longing for

Proficient in massage techniques and healing, my hands are gold..
with a background in spirituality, my lips are silver...
With my trained body, I will protect and hold you
I'm a rare mix of male power and spiritual insight...

Belgian Highclass gigolo Andy

Love and desire should be shared...
You need a partner to go out, to keep you company during a boring dinner, a business trip or theatre?
You want to show off with a guy only having eyes for you, well dressed, confident.. making other women look in despair at their own partner...?

Independent High Class Belgian gigolo Andy is that kind of guy and he can be totally yours for any time you want... in or outside Belgium

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